3 Of The Many Popular Places To Visit For A Low Price In 2019

Do you want to go on a tour but think it will be too expensive? Are you one of those people who thinks you have to spend big dollars for big time fun? Well, there are a nice amount of places in this world that you can explore for whatever your budget. And if you plan on traveling by driving a rental car, there are plenty of companies that allow access to car at hertz mco.

This article is going to provide you with information about three of the many affordable places to visit:

●New Orleans, Louisiana
●Kingston, Jamaica
●Lisbon, Portugal (in Europe)

The First One Up Is…

New Orleans is one of the most exciting places to visit at an affordable price. This city is known for its highly explosive festival type schedule of events and for its glamorous nightlife. New Orleans has many things that you can do for free such as being inside the French Quarter while watching people. They have a club that is dedicated to all flirters and people who like to party. This club is called “The Country Club”. The Country Club also comes with a pool outside in the back. This club also has a bar that continuously serves cocktails that are frozen. New Orleans has a lot of local restaurants. Many of the local restaurants will serve you martinis for only 25 cents each when you order some food. Most of the restaurants have a maximum number of martinis you can have, which is three.

The Second Amazingly Cheap Place To Travel

Jamaica is another place to go take a tour of that is inexpensive. Jamaica is highly known for its beach spots for tourists and vacationers. Kingston is one of the most popular places to sightsee in Jamaica. Kingston is considered the pulse of Jamaica. Jamaica is also well known for their dancehalls. Many Jamaicans love to dance more than lions love to hunt. Jamaica is also the home of the biggest record label inside the Reggae music industry.

A Third Affordable Place To Go Visit

Lisbon, Portugal is the third choice out of the many places to go and tour for a low price. Lisbon is filled with amazing architecture and has a high valued history. They have passes that you can purchase that will provide with one whole day of admission to anything and everything you can think of. That goes from transportation to wine bars and more. You also get it all for a very low price rate.


Many people believe that you have to be rich or spend a lot of money just to go on tour or vacation somewhere. There are many more places (other than the three in this article) out there anyone can visit for an inexpensive price. It all depends on what you want to do, how far you want to go, and how much fun you want to have.