A Road trip in the US might be an adventure everyone has a dream of fulfilling it one day, expenses may vary depending on which among the US states you want to travel in a day whether it is shopping in New York to skiing in Denver and sailing the Mississippi, Chicago and Los Angeles.

The cost for US travel and leisure mostly on road trips can be shown below:

Transportation cost

A rental car that will take you places you wish to be the cost will be around $38 per day. Fuel which is quite expensive depends on how many kilometers per hour you’ll be traveling per day whereby 1 gallon if fuel is $4.59.
Moreover, the cost of Propane gas which is suitable for the stove, fridge, furnace, and water heater cost about $ 4.

Food and Drinks category

Some of the travelers prefer to bring their own refreshments like wine and beer and cook in the rental cars since others have stoves. In restaurants, food will cost from $5-$7 for a quick lunch per person.


Will be less expensive if you choose camping although an average rate for a hotel per night is $ 120, a motel $70 and a hostel for $40-50.One more thing to keep on the note is on tax and tips that are levied on products you buy since taxes are not included in the prices of items but rather added when the bill is totaled though it ranges between 10%-20% of the price of the product bought.

Supplies and leisure activities

Mobile phone recharge for staying connected in the internet connection will be around $4per day, other activities expenses may vary on the places you want to travel it might be hiking that’ll be around $10 per day,others may want to visit national parks where a national park pass that’ll be around $5 per day. Other activities may include sight-seeing which may cost from $10-$30 per person per day.

To sum it up to have a more affordable trip try camping or staying in the national parks although hotels and motels do not want an empty room so if you are brave enough book late and avoid using single-use plastics, don’t forget your travel insurance so that you become protected on your travels as well as don’t forget your VISA, moreover don’t book a car for city use. There are also free entry days in Most of the attractions and museums in the USA, it can be on a particular day of the month or on a free museum day. Also, remember to book in advance which will help you to save time so you can make the most out of your trip.